Nestled among award-winning horse farms in Bourbon County, Kentucky, is Butler Farms - a small farm in comparison to our neighbors, but with big ideas. We were both born and raised city folks with no ties to farming. We both grew to love good food, healthy eating, and the great outdoors. We toured farms, read every farming book we could find, and started studying pastured livestock as our primary focus. We listened to myth-like stories from our grandparents of growing up on a farm, tasting food so good, nothing could compare nowadays. With the blessing of our children we started to place even more thought into our health and our children's health. We were blessed with this beautiful land and eventually were blessed with a home on the farm. Before we even moved to the farm, our weekends at the farm were filled with planting, weeding, harvesting, and weeding our large garden (did I mention weeding?). Despite the jungle that our garden evolved into, we harvested a huge amount of the best tasting vegetables we have ever had. That was enough to get us hooked.


When we moved to the farmhouse, we revisited our original passion of raising livestock. We mentored under a farmer that worked closely with Joel Salatin. We made leaps and bounds by taking out all of the trial and error and jumping straight to proven and working systems. We didn't get everything perfect in the beginning and we are constantly making improvements. Many chickens and pigs have been chased across the farm (think Olympic sprinters being chased by a football lineman...past his prime). We have learned a lot and our goal remains the same: raising the highest quality meat. Now here we are, for you, our customers. We are here to serve you with the healthiest, tastiest, and most nutrient dense food possible. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can best serve you.


Lane and Kathleen Butler


*Certified Organic by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture*