Our Animals

At Butler Farms, our chickens get first class treatment and live very low stress and happy lives. We studied Joel Salatin’s Pastured Poultry Profits and other pastured poultry farmers to arrive at our method for raising high quality chicken. It all revolves around our chicken shelters. These large shelters house the birds and serve many functions important to the humane and sustainable raising of chickens. They are positioned on our organic pastures and move every day to fresh green grass (we haven't and don't plan on missing a day). They are completely open to the ground to provide the chickens with full access to a wide variety of grasses, legumes, plants, bugs and grit (yes, chickens need grit, or rocks, for a healthy digestive system). We also use a local, high quality, non-GMO, non-medicated feed available for the chickens in the shelters. They always have access to clean, continuously flowing water. The shelter also serves as a safe haven to protect the chickens from harsh weather and predators, who also recognize the need for high quality meat (sorry guys, you'll have to look elsewhere). We go to these great lengths to raise high quality poultry because the animal’s stress, diet, and health directly translates to you when you eat our chicken. 


Happy Chickens = Healthier Chickens = Healthier You!




If you are like us, we've found it very difficult to find natural, high quality and flavorful pork in the grocery store, much less find out where it originated. Look no further and put your mind at ease, we raise our pigs to the highest standards. Our pigs are heritage breeds, which mean they’re bred to live on the grass. Our pigs forage on a variety of plants and insects. Our pigs also eat a local, high quality, non-GMO, non-medicated feed. They also always have access to clean, continuously flowing water. Our pigs are rotated throughout the pastures to ensure our pigs are clean and healthy.